I went to college for journalism for four years and all I have is a lousy piece of paper and thousands of dollars worth of debt.

Ten Things about Me:

1. I am from New Jersey.

2. I went to college in Ohio so I know how to drink, but I have terrible taste in beer.

3. I have a cat named Fred, and he is my life.

4. I watch a lot of TV.

5. I can be really sassy sometimes.

6. I’m obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio. Call me maybe.

7. I cry whenever I watch Titanic or the commercials about moms during the Olympics.

8. I’ve never played Monopoly.

9. My favorite color is purple.

10. I wear a size seven shoe.

Things I will talk about: my stepmom being an idiot, work, being a bum, celebrities I think are hot, scandalous things that happen on my favorite shows, things I find ridiculous, something I saw on Buzzfeed earlier, the status of my fantasy football team, my family, Fred, my friends, fashion-y things, books I read, things I cook for myself, nature, breaking news stories, politics, things I become obsessed with, etc.


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