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How To: Make Lavender Tea

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for this week’s how to. This week, it’s all about homemade lavender tea.

Lavender tea is good for relaxation.

Lavender tea is good for relaxation.

This is an article I wrote in the beginning of the summer I had hoped would be published by one of my internships. It didn’t happen.

Regardless, lavender tea is awesome. It’s easy to make, and it’ll be perfect for the upcoming cool nights of autumn. Because lavender has relaxing properties, stress from school/work/life will slip away after a few sips.

Though this tea is generally served hot, ice can be added to make it a good drink for warmer days too. This tea is also fun to experiment with. If it’s too bland or basic tasting, try adding mint, honey or lemon. Earl Grey tea can also be added to give the tea a taste and caffeine kick, but because this is supposed to be relaxing, it is not necessary.

Necessary Ingredients:

Lavender – This is clearly essential. If using dried flowers, use 1 ½ tablespoons. If using fresh flowers, use 3 tablespoons. If serving the tea cold, double the amount of lavender you use. Check local florists or organic food stores because the big chain stores probably won’t have it. Do not use synthetic lavender material.

It may be hard to find lavender. Try a local florist or an organic food store.

It may be hard to find lavender. Try a local florist or an organic food store.

(Picture 2 should go here.)

2 cups boiling water

Optional Ingredients

Honey – Pick up some raw, natural honey at the organic food store when buying the lavender. Regular honey will do just fine as well.

Fresh mint leaves

Lemon slices

Earl Grey tea

How To:

1. Put lavender into boiling water.

2. Allow lavender to steep for five to 10 minutes. As it steeps, the lavender should become less purple but greener.

3. Pour into cups, straining to remove flowers if necessary.

4. Add honey, lemon or mint if desired.

5. Serve and enjoy!

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